Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Today i woke up feeling under the weather. My remedies for sickness are pictured below

I was kinda disappointed i didn't have Cassie to bring me breakfast in bed. Maybe she is still with Diddy.
Oh well. Had to Cancel a few prior engagements but ya gotta take care of ya self.

On with the Business. Me and DJ Ease are dropping a Next Selection Mixtape Very Soon. Release Date soon TBA. Here are the singles off of the Mixtape. Geeeeettttttt em and play them loud.

Thanks for logging on to the site im excited to keep it moving. your comments will be appreciated. Thanks a ton.


Rob Grimes said...
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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the site. I see u doing ya blog thang hahaha nikkka

lippedjeanius said...

blogroll done.
feel better!