Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rob Grimes - Now You Do

I feel like this song has been in the making for years. Coming into this project i knew i wanted to make a statement and set the tone for things to come. Even the artwork has a deeper meaning to it. Some people
wont get it and some will. Im only focused on the ones who see so clearly what my message is. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Are You On Instagram?

Would like to connect with yall on IG follow me and ill follow back @RobGrimes00

Hungry Dawg

Lately i been so hungry. Im really feeling like its about to be my time. Just gotta stay low and keep firing. We up soon.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rob Grimes - Tables Turn Produced By Martian

I wrote this song in Atlanta. Martian and I were going to Bangladesh studios day and night sometimes spending 15 to 19 hours there just working on music. I just wanted to write some fire. He sent me this beat back while i was in San Diego but had forgotten about it then some how the beat came on then i just starting having all these lines pop in my head and the lyrics were to strong to forget so i just took out my iphone and starting rapping the bars into the sound recorder then cleaned them up. The story is a real one. I was getting alot of hate at the time people going on twitter rants about me, saying how i was never gonna make it , how i fell off, my girl had left me , bills were piling up , i was facing eviction , and i really went through this dark period but then something clicked and i was like "What the hell am i doing?" So i got it together and my luck started changing so this song is about that moment when the "Tables Turn" Enjoy the song. Its from the heart.

PS: Hiatus Complete. Im Back.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rest in Peace

Rob Grimes Live Feb 19th

Chase N Cashe : The Heir Up There Mixtape

Chase is one of the artist featured on my up and coming project. Check out his latest and greatest. I got a few favorites on here. DJ Drama host the mixtape and i want yall to get down on this one time. Grimetime x CNC coming soon. Daygo on the rise.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Interview @ The Lab Mixshow.

Live stream by Ustream
It was nice to be invited to the come get interviewed and promote my new music @ The Lab Mixshow. The studio was nice , good energry in the building and got to spit a few bars. Wavy. Check it out.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

Rob Grimes Ride Video @ Prospect

Last Friday night we went out to celebrate the homie DJ Frequency's Bday and he put on "Ride" in the club check it out. Was dope.

Tati in the mornin

So Tati asked me for a Radio Intro and i sent it back the next day. I actually wrote it in 25 mins or so but couldnt get to the studio that day. She told us she was going to play it on friday and the buzz got extremely high. I was getting calls and text from people saying they were listening in. They really never get to do stuff like this in our market so it was great they gave us that look. She even plugged another up & coming San Diego Artist "Ashley Robles" Wavy Navy. 

Radio Interview W/ Da Matrix Studios 1/28/2012

Last Saturday i was on the air in the Bronx New York. I was pleased to know i had co signs in the birth place of hiphop. I got to talk about where i am with a label situation , being true to my self as an artist , and my single "Ride" 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who is Prissy Paulina ?

Every time i get interviewed everyone always asks "Who is that chick in the video?" "Is she single?" "Is that your girl?" "Where is she from?" Okay you READY GUYS Her name is Prissy Paulina.  When we started to first put together ideas for the video i always looking for the prefect girl. I asked around and i kept hearing people say the same thing.... "Prissy" so we hit her up and she was a great sport. Go follow her on twitter and ask her these questions not me lololol @Prissypanter 

U31 Recap 1/26/2012

So i hit up my boy's @DJLEGEND & @DJARTISTIC and they said roll threw. I was down to just come out and support because i like the movement. I asked Legend  and said he would play "Ride", so i wanted to be there just to feel how the record would sound. So im just chilling in the DJ booth and i hear the song come on the Artistic tells me to grab the mic... At first i thought it was just to introduce the song and just chill but he said keep going so i gave an impromptu performance on the spot. Wavy. It was amazing the feed back was good and we met alot of other DJs who will be playing the song. Thanks to everyone. Happy Bday DJ Legend and Cros 1. Lets get it

UpperClassmen Mira Mesa Snapbacks

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vegas, Rockstarr Djz and Grimetime

So we get to Vegas and checked into our rooms at the Luxor then chill for a minute. After that we checked into the Starrhouse Radio / Ustream Show with the Rockstarr Djz Vegas. I gotta say i was truly impressed with the way the Rockstarr Djs had the set up and the way they moved as a unit. It was dope to see the way they got down so extra shout out to them for that. The interview went really well and i got alot of new fans and twitter followers just off of being on there show.... Here is one part of the interview were we talk about my single ride, upcoming shows Prissy Paulina, and i give some swag out on the mic :

After that we went to DJ D-Money's 2nd home in Vegas...
I cant lie im a light weight. LOL D Money and Bille Knight were going extra heavy. Haha....
So we kept hearing about some club that was upstairs that played great music and had some bad Asian girls (something im all 100% all for) Get there and get free bottles shout out (Charmaine Star)
Once again i gotta give a shout out to the Rockstarr DJz , Hue Holla , Kay Playa and DJ D-Money. Big ups to the Infamous BK Bille Knight , DJ Legend and all those girls we met at Marquee. Swag

Until next time.....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


What up what up?? New project GRIMETIME on the way. I wrote this whole mixtape for any one who ever felt like there voice didn't matter in this BIG world. Any one who ever felt like its time to TAKE WHAT YOUR OWED. Victory is Certain tho. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART I BELIEVE THAT EVERYTHING I WENT THREW THESE PAST FEW YEARS REALLY WERE MENT TO BE SO I CAN TELL MY STORY. ITS GRIMMMMMMMEEEEEETIIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMME. This is my best work to date and this what we needed. Its gonna be 17 or 18 songs and 5 Music Video. IM EXCITED AND READY. MORE DETAILS SOON.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ride on Jammin z90

Shout out to Tati from Jammin Z90. She was nice enough to talk us up on her Radio show. That's real wavy of her. Listen to it right here.
  Jammin Z90 Promoting Ride by ROBGRIMES

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rob Grimes - Ride


Download link :

Friday, November 4, 2011

Last Night

Extra shout out to every one who came out last night. Good times. Met up with with Reign Major (Crunch and KO) before the show. Bumped music vibed out , had some drinks , played pool then went to show 10 mins before we had to be on stage.

As usual we won over the crowd with ease and connected with the fans. Not only that but all the other artist in the house really showed love and built on the whole movement here in SD. I see the culture taking off and bridges getting built. Respect to Trackwide , Domi Young , Makeshift , Ta East , Cario , Black Resume and my G's Reign Major.

Big thank you to Black Resume and everyone involved with the show plus the Fans that came out to have a great time. Until next time. Grimetime!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

We get over 80,000 seconds a day. I plan not to waste none. The future is now. - Rob Grimes

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Win Free Tickets to Rob Grimes x Kendrick Lamar Live at UCSD Sept 23rd

What up everyone? Team Grimetime is back!!!! This time im doing my best to show Daygo Love and give back. So here is how you can win free tickets to the show.

1) Go like my fan page on Facebook

2) Leave a comment on my fan page saying " Its Grimetime"

3) Kick back and wait for your name to be called.

We will be choosing 3 winners to give them 2 free tickets too.

So ...... GO.. Get Started..