Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thank God Im Fresh!

Black Beauty 5 Pocket (Black)
Pants by Illuminati by Crooks & Castles

Illuminati is a sub brand of Crooks and Castles.

I haven't seen much from there line so far.......

I think they were out at the Magic show in "Vegas" last season. Ya see the flavor on the denim right? These jeans are tuff, fresh and court attention. A lot of the quote un quote street wear brands usually don't do this high quality of denim. You typically get the tee and hoodies , real talk Illuminati pulled it off very freshly..

Keep it moving................

Cesario Lo Premium (Green/Snake)
Shoes by Creative Recreation

"My swagger is fresher than your boyfriends."

Creative Recreation huh?

Yeah exactly.

They have their own niche market,and thats what i love about them best. They make authentic shoes that leave a lasting impression. From upscale to street wear they do it all beautifully.

What are your favorite streetwear brands? Comments Please !!!!!!!!!!!

"Fubu is played out, we rocking Crooks and Castles now" - Rob Grimes

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big yunk said...

ahaha the swag on the kicks is nuts