Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Number 1 Sales Rep : Young Donald Trump

Today i became the number 1 sales rep for 30 days in a row.

I was awarded with my own office....

I know alot of up and coming artist hide the fact that they have day jobs. I differ.

I'm proud that i have the ability to go in and put numbers up daily. I love the challenge of selling.

I have always had that entrepreneur spirit with strong will power.

I know deep down inside that im gonna be successful at anything i do.

Thats why the music industry better get ready cause im coming for the number 1 sales spot. (50, Jay, Eminem ,and Pac) Humbly speaking......

All these lil things add up.....

La la la la wait till i get my money right...LOL

I should have the funding for my next few projects soon...

Until Next Time People.....Yearrrp!

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