Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Picking The Team..

Well if My Career is Fantasy Sports i Need the Best Supporting Cast....

If im a young Kobe Bryant, I need the best around me to make this work. We all seen what happened to the Lakers in the finals. In my Opinion i feel like it comes down to the players. So lets have a little fun with this...

HMMM... I need a Personal Manager aka the PG... Chris Paul. I have only one person in mind for this role. Im gonna set the meeting up for later this week....

The Next Player is..

The Power Attorney ..The Center! The Big Gun..

Woman Lie Men Lie... Numbers Dont!!! Duncan is hired..I Have been Chasing this one Attorney for months and months.. But im close to locking that meeting down... All i need is 2 mins on the phone with him and its a wrap...!!!


The Hungry. The Driver one... Lebron James as The Business Manager..

I picked Lebron cause every game he goes the hardest and the biggest...
That's the same exact away i need my Business Manager... I'm still Searching for that one.. got a few people in mind but, i need a Russel Simmons not a Joey Simmons (PS i love runs house) If you have any one or maybe your a grinder email me.. Robgrimes00@gmail.com lets talk..

Moving On..

Yes.. im fully aware ARI Gold isn't a Ball Player and that's Prefect with me. I need someone with Experience in this field..
So Ari will take me outside of Urban Music to the Big Screen.. (You wanna hug it out ..LOL?)Such a key player.. One critical to me not being Boxed in as a typical Rapper.. (I see you Mikey Mcfly)


Lets see how things turn out for me.. The Journey has begun..

"From a Backpacker to an Icon"

- Young Grimetime

Rob Grimes

"Struggle Hustle The Album Is Coming"


Yungjuvie said...

yeah.. you will get to the top man i know it

ROB GRIMES said...

lord willin...thanks for the love though..

Anonymous said...

Can I get some love for the Ladies?