Sunday, November 16, 2008

This Weekends Wrap Up: Labels , Shows , Corona and More Corona

This weekend i went with Billie Knight and The CEO from 365 Records to a Music Conference to network and preform live.

On the way up we hit a rake and popped the tire..had to make a small detour in Corona Ca. There was something weird and suspect that we couldnt quite put our finger on yet. Between the randomist shit (yes i said randomist) we managed to get out of Corona

We made it up to Ontario around 4 2 hours late and hit the ground running. I rocked live and got a good responce from the room full of industry reps. I guess i stood out compared the other artist even though they were all great.

After that we stopped to eat, then hit the road again heading to a club where i was suppose to rock again.

All in All a great weekend. Im ready to get back to work.....pz

Rob Grimes

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