Monday, July 19, 2010

Look in the mirror

Be real for a minute, when was the last time an artist from Diego broke on a National level not talking regional or local talking national. 98 Jayo Felony? So me coming from Diego those are the odds im faced with. But thats yet the same thing that motivates me. The fact that my city has so much great talent and is still over looked motivates me. Will Rob Grimes make it? Or will he just be a forgot about artist who had a buzz at one point? These are the things i know cross your mind but fret not. I know my worth i know what i am capable of and i plan to let the world see it. So lets go!!! I wrote a song for my city called Daygo Love and its dropping soon. An actually Daygo Love is like thank you letter to the city. For everyone who ever came to one of my shows or listened to my mixtapes or just heard me rhyme in a chyper from way back when till now. I felt like i owed it to the city and its dropping soon. Rob Grimes - Daygo Love (lets go baby)!!!


Anonymous said...

at least your are keeping it real

ROB GRIMES said...

Its a must that i keep it genuine with the people