Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Throwback : Glow In The Dark Mixtape

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Just when your favorite hip-hop icon in the making, Rob Grimes, left you wanting more following the release of "Dillathon" in February, the San Diego emcee presents the highly anticipated "Glow in the Dark" mixtape, which hits the streets on Tuesday, July 15.

"For this mixtape, I took inspiration from the artists on the Glow in the Dark tour ... At that point, those were the only artists to inspire me musically: Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell and N.E.R.D., so it worked out prefectly," Rob says.

On this project, Rob sticks strictly to beats from Glow in the Dark performers, from their present work to a few throwbacks, and even songs they produced for other musicians. By adding his eccentric swagger to tracks made famous by such proficient hip-hop heavyweights, Rob seemingly announces to the world that he's ready to claim the success that was destined to him.

"I wanted to make a statement with this mixtape by saying I can spit with the legends, and im proving it," he says. "The last mixtape put me in an underground pocket, so this mixtape is going to put me in a globally expected spot ... I was completely backpacker with 'Dillathon.' Now I want to show people that I can't be boxed in -- I'm taking my career to the next level."

Listeners can expect to be taken on a lyrical journey as Rob brings his own flavor to the artists that motivate him.

A surefired banger is Rob's take on N.E.R.D.'s "Spazz," which tells of his childhood. He says, "Coming up, I was kid who didn't have it all. Sometimes I was called a 'hip-hop Nerd' or a 'cool geek,' and I wanted to reflect on that."

An extra bonus featured on the "Glow in the Dark" mixtape is Rob's original new single, "B-boy Stance," produced by DJ Ease. Having been captivated by the artform of breakdancing since the age of 12, Rob kept that critical aspect of his upbringing in mind when writing the song.

"It's something for the b-boys and b-girls," Rob says. "I'm a b-boy for life. I wanted to make something that could relate to that subculture that's kinda swept under the mat nowadays."

Adds DJ Ease, who co-stars on the mixtape, "I'm excited about the project, and look out for a lot more projects with me and Rob Grimes."

As if the album's concept and emcee's fresh delivery displayed throughout weren't enough, Rob's creativity exudes throughout the mixtape, down to the cover art for the project -- a remix of the Glow in the Dark Tour poster.

"I wanted to have something to catch people's attention immediately," he says.

Rob's fans know that he lives in the studio and constantly records new material. So what's next for the hungry young mogul?

"This mixtape is going to build up for my up-and-coming album 'Struggle Hustle,' due out late August or early September," Rob says.

In the meantime, check out Rob's "Glow in the Dark" mixtape, available only at www.whoisrobgrimes.com

To contact Rob Grimes for booking opportunities, interviews and other inquiries, e-mail RobGrimes00@gmail.com.

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