Friday, November 4, 2011

Last Night

Extra shout out to every one who came out last night. Good times. Met up with with Reign Major (Crunch and KO) before the show. Bumped music vibed out , had some drinks , played pool then went to show 10 mins before we had to be on stage.

As usual we won over the crowd with ease and connected with the fans. Not only that but all the other artist in the house really showed love and built on the whole movement here in SD. I see the culture taking off and bridges getting built. Respect to Trackwide , Domi Young , Makeshift , Ta East , Cario , Black Resume and my G's Reign Major.

Big thank you to Black Resume and everyone involved with the show plus the Fans that came out to have a great time. Until next time. Grimetime!!!


Greg Peters said...

Hey i met you at the show at night. You killed the show!! keep rocking G

Shehustles said...

there should be a video coming soon.