Saturday, January 28, 2012

U31 Recap 1/26/2012

So i hit up my boy's @DJLEGEND & @DJARTISTIC and they said roll threw. I was down to just come out and support because i like the movement. I asked Legend  and said he would play "Ride", so i wanted to be there just to feel how the record would sound. So im just chilling in the DJ booth and i hear the song come on the Artistic tells me to grab the mic... At first i thought it was just to introduce the song and just chill but he said keep going so i gave an impromptu performance on the spot. Wavy. It was amazing the feed back was good and we met alot of other DJs who will be playing the song. Thanks to everyone. Happy Bday DJ Legend and Cros 1. Lets get it

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DJ STICKEM said...

I was there and dude KILLED IT! Crowd was rocking & Rob's stage presence was incredible.