Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rob Grimes - Tables Turn Produced By Martian

I wrote this song in Atlanta. Martian and I were going to Bangladesh studios day and night sometimes spending 15 to 19 hours there just working on music. I just wanted to write some fire. He sent me this beat back while i was in San Diego but had forgotten about it then some how the beat came on then i just starting having all these lines pop in my head and the lyrics were to strong to forget so i just took out my iphone and starting rapping the bars into the sound recorder then cleaned them up. The story is a real one. I was getting alot of hate at the time people going on twitter rants about me, saying how i was never gonna make it , how i fell off, my girl had left me , bills were piling up , i was facing eviction , and i really went through this dark period but then something clicked and i was like "What the hell am i doing?" So i got it together and my luck started changing so this song is about that moment when the "Tables Turn" Enjoy the song. Its from the heart.

PS: Hiatus Complete. Im Back.


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Chris Peters said...

Hell yeah welcome back man i love the song.