Thursday, May 29, 2008

Updated Bio

First it was Pharrell. Then it was Kanye West. Now, it's Rob Grimes. The new era of swag is in full effect. Rob Grimes, the leader of hip hop's next generation, makes the transition from a backpack rapper to a full-fledged icon. Known for his clever rhymes and eccentric flow, Rob has won many freestyle battles is poised to wake the industry up to a different flavor of West Coast lyricism. A true lover of hip hop, Rob always has his ear to the streets and cites hip-hop heavyweights like Kanye, Pharrell, Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Mos Def and Ryan Leslie as influences. But Rob is proving himself as an equal among established emcees and producers alike, earning the respect of another living legend -- Talib Kweli. The Brooklyn emcee lent a verse showcased on the track titled "Featuring Talib" on Rob's critically acclaimed "Dillathon" mixtape. Released in February, "Dillathon" -- a tribute to the late super producer J. Dilla -- got a buzz going with thousands of downloads and counting. A diligent worker, Rob stays focused and is adamant about taking his career to the next level. Rob's latest projects -- the unofficial remix to Nelson of Bad Boy's "It's Not Easy" and a remix of Ryan Leslie feat. Cassie's "Addiction" -- are a testament to his song-making versatility. This So Cal cat switches it up from club bangers to conscious rap and never loses himself in the process, which sets him apart from rest. From battle raps to hit records, Rob does it all. He derives inspiration from all types of things, from skateboarding to breakdancing to real-life experiences. Raised on all elements of hip hop -- even dabbling as a b-boy in his younger days -- Rob's deep understanding of hip-hop culture is something that feeds his soul when writing new material. Take a listen to Rob's music and you'll discover that he's something rare to find, like a diamond in the rough. Check him out at or at

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