Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cassie Loves Rob or Rob Loves Cassie?

What do you get when you put Rob Grimes and Cassie together?

A)New Power Couple (Move over Jay and Bey)
B)Hot Remixes
C)The Best Looking Children?
Correct Answer : All Of The Above. LOL

Get my publicist on the phone. Call Cassie tell her i want a sit down. LOL

But Ladies and Gents....

I proudly present to you.

Rob Grimes

Talk Of The Town

Off Of The New Next Selection Mixtape me and Ease got coming!!!
Download it. Bump it . Share it.

Come on !!! You Can Do it.


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Mic Swagga said...


ROB GRIMES said...

What you think of the music? Fresh huh?

Get more

Mikey McFly said...

Add me to ya blogroll pimpin, ima peep ya music when i hit the crib