Wednesday, June 4, 2008

3 Reason's Why I Feel Like Kobe These Days.

1) "I turned it on."

Its no secret, people say he has the ability to sorta just "turn it on".

Me too. I think nothing but win.

2)"Traded for better players".

We all know Kobe was a ball hog and had a rep for never passing the rock.

I was the exact same. I changed.

Now my team is on the brink of our own 2008 Championship.

3) Became an MVP.

Decided to just go for the top.

Why be average?

Why not dare to be risky?

Became the number 1 sales man at the day job.

Ran the league like Kobe.

Let me justify my swag .........

These pass few weeks have be productive. Im working but more importantly im moving and growing. I see that victory over the hill.

If im Kobe who is Jordan? My mind state is set goals and make them.

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