Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life N Times Of Grimes: Studio Survival Kit

"Struggle Hustle" The Album Is coming...

Here is a look at what keeps me stable in the Studio while we work.

I got 10 for 10$ Get ya Vons Card Game Up..LOL
But In Between Takes Its Critical that i Stay Refreshed... Yes!

Sometimes i have to play the Hurry up and Wait Game (Buy "The Industry" DVD and see what im talking about) Yes at times it could get boring so i keep The Complex on Smash...PS: Cassie is Tryna look good for me on that cover..LOL

Gotta Have That Fresh Sound No Doubt So The Messangers
have been Hired..

About 80% Done with the album..

Yall got about 3 months to get ya thang ready...LOL




Just Fresh said...

No Doubt..its funny cause u never get to hear those things from artist

ROB GRIMES said...

yea..i want the people to get to know me so its a good thing to show that..

just fresh said...

yeah man i cant wait for the album